Performing exercises Our Brains

As a senior citizen for the downhill side of 70, you might think computers could be somewhat of a mystery. However my curiosity and adoration for computers began in early 1980's with the Texas Instrument TI-99, for anyone that do not keep in mind that particular model, be thankful; as the term, userfriendly we had not yet been coined. However this information is not regarding the computers themselves, but a place I had never ventured into; computer games, after all, we were holding something for children for being totally enslaved by, not adults, and particularly not older persons. As parents and grandparents we're allowed to be the methods with sufficient wisdom to clarify the perils of enough time spent at these userfriendly machines, instead of using an older daughter let you know; "Dad you may spend way too much time playing that stupid game. What kind of an influence think that has on the kids?"
And yes, I discovered MMORPG's, (Massively multiplayer online role-playing games), what a mouth full. MMORPG's will be to devote simply terms, games that one can purchase, download with their computer, and pay a monthly fee to play. The more popular games is most likely the most expensive to get, and value in your community of $15.00 a month to play. Which one can justify the monthly fee by rationalizing it's rather inexpensive the fact that that $15.00 approximately gives you 24/7 with an entire month's entertainment. Hey, you cannot even go to a movie for that today; just forget about seeing it over and over on an entire month, anytime of the day or night with the initial free, not forgetting the exercise you're putting your brain through.
So where am I going with all of this i hear you ask? Am I defending the times of day, and hours of your time spent in front of a computer, playing games using your online community and friends who can be scattered in the united states, as well as around the world? Yes I am, or otherwise I hope I will be creating some sense from it as much as older folks go.
Computer games range in difficultly to try out and master from extremely simple, to extremely complex, so complex that in the beginning you imagine you would do not be in a position to master them. This is something only kids can master, all things considered their brains are just like sponges and more info they learn fast. You're right in that thinking rather, as kids we do often learn faster, and learn and learn until we hit an age where we simply don't require, or would like to learn any further. We have discovered all of that we should instead take us through the rest of our lives. All the many years of learning, all of the many years of that thinking; we do not need to do it anymore; well my friends this is actually the convinced that makes our brains stagnate, and after time learning new tasks becomes a lot more difficult. It's no different than becoming physically docile inside them for hours our muscles waste away, therefore we exercise daily to stay in shape preventing that from happening. What about the brain? What happens whenever we become mentally docile? How do we exercise our brains to stop that from happening? Thinking to our brains, is akin to workout for your muscles. Thinking is when we exercise our minds. Ok; see where I'm headed?
I either write every day for everyone prepared to pay my fee, or is available implementing my own, personal projects, articles and short stories, or one of three novels I have in the works. With the research and reading and actual writing associated with putting a piece of writing or story together, you might think what a lot of exercise for our brains, also to a point you're right. But what about learning new tasks? I may discovered something I didn't know before, like precisely how high Mt. Washington is, or how deep the Japanese Trench is, however I discovered that using skills I have already polished through the years, not by learning a.
On the opposite hand; I am still very involved with video games, ( yes at 67 years) and what I've discovered is that they make you stay thinking every second, and also the more complex games have a much bigger thought and concentration, therefore making you exercise that grey matter to its maximum potential. It's mental exercise; and a great deal of it. As I mentioned; on-line computer games help you stay thinking, plus there is certainly much to consider, ah, another key, memory. My memory is really as I remember it two-and-a-half decades ago, (no pun there) and the ones moments of CRS are for the most part something of the past. Can I think this is due all to on-line computer games? Absolutely not, although my day is full of mental exercise a single form or some other, whether writing, research, or playing an MMORPG's. What I'm wanting to illustrate here is not really that you take out and purchase a high priced gaming computer, but instead find some sort of mental exercise that suits you. Reading a couple of hours every day, writing if you are so inclined you will find; if you really want to challenge that grey matter try an MMORPG. And that knows, as some articles and research show, mental exercise can reduce the chances of earlier onset of Alzheimer's disease. We exercise to stay fit and healthy, you will want to exercise the brain to the same extent?

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